The City & The City: Artwork by London Writers, was a first of its kind gallery exhibition of new-media and installation work by British-based artists at Pittsburgh's Woodstreet Galleries (U.S.A) guest curated by Justin Hopper (Sept - Dec 2012). Each of the artists who exhibited are experienced and well-regarded visual and conceptual artists, whilst probably being better known for their literary outputs, which range from creative non fiction (Iain Sinclair, Rachel Lichtenstein) criticism (Sukhdev Sandhu) to novels (Tom McCarthy) and poetry (Caroline Bergvall).

Rachel Lichtenstein’s work in this exhibition Sight Unseen revolved around her latest book, Diamond Street (Hamish Hamilton, 2012), which focuses on the historically Jewish diamond merchant’s street of Hatton Garden. Her mixed media installation examined the working life of the deeply private community of diamond and jewellery dealers who operate in this hidden quarter of the city, often behind closed doors. Lichtenstein’s installation consists of a collection of found and fabricated objects related to her research. Century-old tools from the desks of jewellers are displayed in small, internally lit cases, accompanied by a ghostly soundtrack of an interview with a now-deceased diamond-cutter. In this way, Lichtenstein reveals a notion of a city within a city through the presentation of layers upon layers of historical objects and oral histories. For reviews see press.