The Diamond Street App is a freely downloadable GPS activated rich media digital app for smartphones and tablets, which takes readers on a journey through the historic jewellery quarter of Hatton Garden and the stories in Rachel's Lichtenstein's recent book Diamond Street: the hidden world of Hatton Garden. Guided by Rachel, along with a host of other characters, the secrets of the streets around the Hatton Garden area will be revealed to users as they wander around the area, listening and exploring. 

This first of its kind digital project, uses content from the book Diamond Street along with specially developed rich media, soundscapes and interactive features, enabling readers to go on either a virtual (armchair version) or a real guided tour around the Hatton Garden area. As users walk within the boundaries of the original Hatton Garden estate, sounds, images, film and text will emerge in relation to specific locations, giving readers a deeper and more immersive experience of both the book and the places described within. Part new media experience, part walking tour, this location-based app fuses text, documentary film, image and theatre with real-time interaction.

The Diamond Street App is available to download free of charge in both the iTunes app store and for android phones and tablets from June 2013.

To download the app for iphones and ipads click here and for Android click here.

For more information on the research and development of the Diamond Street App, please go to or check Rachel’s blog for regular updates.

This project has been supported by the Arts Council (Grants for the Arts) and developed by Rachel Lichtenstein in collaboration with Calvium, Metal, Field-Studies and Phantom Productions. 


'The format is slick. Simply pop your earphones in and walk around the area. Your device’s GPS knows where you are, and feeds you appropriate audio stories from the area’s recent past. These location-specific tales are complemented by old photos, maps and (if you’re at a wifi spot) video. If you move out of a story location, your device remembers where you left off…so if you wander back again later, it resumes from the same point. In other words, witchcraft in your pocket. ‘

Matt Brown, The Londonist, 6th June 2013