Keeping Pace

Keeping Pace
01/01/2003 Rachel Lichtenstein

Keeping Pace: older women of the East End

(Women’s Library, 2003)

Keeping Pace is a beautifully designed (Eggers + Diaper) and produced publication that accompanied the exhibition Rachel Lichtenstein curated at the Women’s Library in 2003. Like the exhibition, the book celebrates the lives of elderly East London women through oral testimony, visual art and personal memorabilia including photographs of the women themselves along with images of their treasured possessions and intimate shots of the women’s homes (by photographer Lola Flash) providing a powerful visual accompaniment to the text by Rachel Lichtenstein.

The stories inside include those of: an eighty year old Yiddish actress, a Christian philanthropist, a grandmother who lives on an alternative commune and a Bangladeshi political activist. Keeping Pace challenged preconceptions with extraordinary accounts of these remarkable women’s lives.